ONO Received “Osaka Governor's Award” of the
Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards for FY2020

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President, Representative Director, Gyo Sagara; “ONO”) announced that ONO Minase Research Institute received the “Osaka Governor's Award” of the Osaka Stop Global Warming Award for FY2020 hosted by the Osaka Prefecture, as a company that has made the best efforts in measures for global warming prevention by reducing greenhouse gas emissions on an emission basis and a basic unit basis.


 Based on the “Global Environment Policy” established as a guideline for our environmental initiatives, ONO has established a medium- and long-term environmental vision, “Environment Challenging Ono Vision (ECO VISION 2050) “, where we have set up a goal to reduce greenhouse gas discharged from our business activities by 100% by FY2050. Recognizing our corporate social responsibility for the environment, we promote environmentally friendly activities in all business areas, aiming at the realization of sustainable society and a rich global environment. Furthermore, we also analyze the impact of climate change on our business, and have been actively working to realize a decarbonized society.
 Going forward, we will continue working to contribute to society by creating innovative pharmaceutical products and to realize a sustainable society.

Achievement in greenhouse gas reduction in FY2019 (Minase Research Institute)

 Reduction rate (basic unit basis) 9.0% (compared to FY2018)

Reason for awarding

 ONO has made advanced and continuous efforts in research and experimental facilities where it is difficult to save energy and CO2, by introducing a low flow (push/pull type) ultra-high speed VAV (variable air volume) style local exhaust ventilation system and an inverter type modular chiller, as well as LED lighting and photovoltaic system. In addition, ONO has achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by switching a portion of the supplied electricity to CO2-free electricity derived from renewable energy. Furthermore, ONO has shared information on energy consumption etc. at meetings held by representatives of the Research Division and Management Division, and has been engaged in forming the company-wide energy management system in the Environment Committee as a model for other businesses.

Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards

 The "Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards" commend business operators who have made outstanding efforts in their business activities, serving as a model for other businesses, in terms of controlling greenhouse gases and artificial heat emissions from their business activities, as well as levelling electricity demand ("prevention of global warming, etc."), based on the "Ordinance on Prevention of Global Warming in Osaka Prefecture". By publicizing the efforts widely, it is intended to enhance the motivation of business operators regarding the prevention of global warming, etc. and to further disseminate countermeasures.