Judgment against our employees

 Two employees of Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (ONO) prosecuted with bribery on February 17, 2021, were convicted with a suspended sentence today by the Tsu District Court.

 ONO takes it gravely and seriously that we have caused this situation, and deeply apologize once again to all stakeholders, including shareholders and all others with relations to ONO.

 Following the arrest on January 27, ONO established an investigation committee consisting of three outside lawyers in February to investigate the facts and the cause, and formulate measures to prevent recurrence. We have been also reviewing the internal system to prevent the recurrence and the way scholarship donation should be internally at ONO.

 In the future, based on this decision and the investigation results by the investigation committee, we will take strict and appropriate measures, determine the details of recurrence prevention measures and implement the way of scholarship donation as soon as possible. We will strive to restore trust as the whole company as soon as possible.