Ono Enters into Drug Discovery Collaboration Agreement with MiraBiologics To Discover and Create Biopharmaceuticals

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President, Representative Director, Gyo Sagara; ”Ono”) announced today that it has entered into a drug discovery collaboration agreement with MiraBiologics, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan; President, Representative Director, Masuhiro Kato; “MiraBiologics”) to discover and create the next generation of biopharmaceuticals utilizing MiraBiologics’ proprietary LassoGraft Technology®, a new technology that combines cyclic peptide searching method and protein engineering.

 Under the agreement, MiraBiologics will discover and create biopharmaceuticals that regulate multiple therapeutic targets selected by Ono, by using its LassoGraft Technology®. Ono obtains exclusive rights to develop and commercialize biopharmaceutical drug candidates worldwide generated by MiraBiologics through the collaboration. Ono will pay to MiraBiologics the fees based on research and development progress on a milestone basis, as well as royalties based on sales of the products after launch.
 Through this collaboration, Ono will strive to deliver innovative new products that can meet unmet medical needs to patients as early as possible.

About LassoGraft Technology®

 LassoGraft Technology® is a core technology of MiraBiologics, Inc. that creates target-binding proteins by inserting a pharmacophore sequence derived from a target-specific high-affinity cyclic peptide obtained by the RaPID (Random Non-standard Peptides Integrated Discovery) system into any protein, such as the Fc portion of an antibody. The application of this technology is expected to enable the rapid creation of bi- and multi-specific molecules that will be useful as next-generation multifunctional biopharmaceuticals.

About MiraBiologics, Inc.

 MiraBiologics Inc., founded in July 2017, is a bio-venture company engaged in biopharmaceutical drug discovery research. MiraBiologics aims to create next-generation multifunctional biopharmaceuticals, such as bi-specific antibodies using its proprietary LassoGraft Technology®. For more information, visit .