Videos and Advertisements

To fill as-yet unmet medical needs.
We disseminate our enthusiasm for R&D for new drugs through various forms of media.

Corporate clip

ONO's corporate introduction video

This video presents our history since foundation in 1717, vision for the future, and vision overview.


Commercial clips

Tackling Challenges

Everyone hits hurdles in different stages of life. However, only people who continue to try without quitting can overcome them and create a bright future. This clip conveys our stance on continuing to develop new drugs, with the spirit of tireless challenge, for people suffering from disease.

Tackling Challenges (0:30)


Tackling Challenges (1:00)


Passing the Baton

This clip represents the wonderfulness of the relay for life with the smiles of various people to convey our stance on continuing to work persistently to develop new drugs that only we can, for the smiles of children and for the future.

Passing the Baton (0:30)


Passing the Baton (1:00)


Web Commercial of 300th Anniversary of Foundation

This clip was created in 2017 to celebrate the 300th anniversary since our foundation in 1717. This is a WEB-CM using the full version of the Passing the Baton clip.


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