Notice regarding Suspicious Emails Disguised as Our Company

January 17, 2023

Recently, we have received a number of inquiries on suspicious emails regarding recruitments from unknown parties, using our company name of “ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.” or related parties.

As Ono does not conduct any recruitment activities solely by email, we would like to ask you to pay full attention to such suspicious emails.

In addition, there have been also investment solicitations via suspicious emails using our company name, as well as solicitations for recruitment and funding on the SNS sites disguised as our company. If you receive suspicious emails disguised as our company that you do not know the contents, you may be directed to a phishing site. So, please delete the emails without clicking the URL or attached file in the body of the email and do not participate in the interview.

Please note that Ono and employees of Ono never conduct any recruitment activities solely by email or solicitation/recruitment using SNS sites as described above. We would appreciate it if you could pay full attention to these issues.

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