Privacy Policy

Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (The Company) shall respect the rights and benefits of individuals in relation to the personal information of the Company's customers, business partners, employees and others associated persons, which are acquired, retained and used in pursuit of the Company's business operations. The Company shall understand the importance of the information and shall handle the information properly in compliance with the legislation and other regulations concerning the protection of personal information. To this end, the Company shall implement and uphold a voluntary code of conduct and a privacy policy which have been adopted as follows.

Privacy Policy:

  1. To implement the policy, the Company has developed the Company code concerning the protection of personal information and shall keep fully informed therof and ensure compliance thereof among the Company's employees (including temporary staff) and other relevant personnel. The Company shall review as necessary its privacy management system and measures and shall make an utmost effort at upholding it.

  2. The Company shall handle personal information by specifying the purpose of use.

  3. The Company shall acquire personal information using legal and proper means and shall not use any unlawful means of acquisition.

  4. The Company shall publicly announce or notify of as required by law the purpose of use of personal information and shall handle the information within the specified scope of the purpose of use.

  5. The Company shall take all appropriate information management measures in strict compliance with legislation and Company code in order to prevent unlawful access, loss, destruction, tampering, leak and other undesirable events regarding personal information.

  6. The Company shall not provide personal information to a third party in principle. If personal information is to be provided to a third party, deposited with a third party in order to outsource business operations, or shared for joint use with a third party, the Company shall take all appropriate measures in strict compliance with legislation.

  7. The Company shall verify whether the subject of the information (individual concerned) possesses the right to disclosure, correction, stoppage of use, deletion and other rights concerning his or her own personal information and shall take suitable action in accordance with law when the subject requests to exercise the above-mentioned rights.

May 30, 2017