Quality Global Policy

See here for the Quality Global Policy.

Vision Statement for Ono QA Department

Empowering Excellence in Quality Assurance for a Safer and Healthier World

Within the DNA of Ono’s Quality Assurance Department is a steadfast commitment to assuring the safety, efficacy, and reliability of every Ono product. By thus, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all patients globally. We envision a future where our department is continuously perceived as the cornerstone of compliance, a revered partnering function in the Company, recognized for its unwavering dedication to the delivery of quality products worldwide.

  1. Quality

    Through our commitment to quality, we strive to continuously provide patients and stakeholders with safe, effective and reliable products and services that meet regulatory requirements.

  2. Patient-Centric Excellence

    Patients’ wellbeing and rights are at the heart of everything we do. We are devoted to safeguarding patients’ wellbeing/rights, data integrity, Ono products and reputation.

  3. Integrity

    We are dedicated to upholding the highest levels of integrity and ethical conduct. We are committed to maintaining transparency, traceability, and accountability in all our processes, fostering trust and partnership with our stakeholders.

  4. Continuous Improvement

    We are at the forefront of improvement, adopting emerging technologies, and pioneering novel approaches to quality assurance. By evaluating and embracing the latest advancements, we ensure our products not only meet current standards but aim to set new benchmarks for the future.

  5. Collaborative Excellence

    We actively partner with and support Ono functions, sharing knowledge, driving innovation adopting a ‘right first time’ risk-based approach – Quality by Design.