Digital & IT

Initiatives to Implement a Corporate Transformation by leveraging Digital and IT

Designated DX-certified operators based on METI certification system

In the midst of a drastically changing business environment, we are transforming the company to have high dynamic capability by leveraging digital and IT.
This requires a flexible IT infrastructure supported by the latest technologies, a data utilization platform including internal and external data, and the capability of data analysis from company-specific perspectives. This foundation enables us to detect and assess business issues and new opportunities accurately and timely, and turn them into business transformation initiatives. All activities related to every value creation process with the foundation leads us to a global specialty pharma.
Based on this idea, we worked to create and reinforce the various aspects of our IT infrastructure, such as security, including the data use platform OASIS, which was built in August last year. This resulted in us being designated a DX-certified operators on January 1, 2023, based on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) certification program. We will broadly expand these activities linked to corporate transformation.

DX Promotion Strategy

Increasing the vitality of people and improving productivity and creativity

We position DX as primarily related to human experience, not technology. To realize our corporate philosophy and accelerate our challenges that is unique to our company, it is important to deliver value not only to patients and their families, but also to healthcare professionals, employees, and our diverse partners.
For DX, too, we aim to enhance the vitality of people and improve the productivity and creativity of the company.
While maintaining the efficient operational value chain organization that we have refined over the years, we will work to promote DX in a horizontal manner centered on people, the people to whom value is delivered. With digital technology, DX will bring about business transformation, it will cover a very wide range of areas, from existing businesses to new ones, and from operational efficiency to new business models.
One important element for implementing a DX strategy is the speed of decision making. Separately from the ordinal budget process we have secured a budget that can be used for anything related to DX (challenge budget) so there are no worries about securing a budget for small, quick projects, and the funds will primarily be used for such activities as research and trial use of technology.

Global IT Infrastructure

Use with a focus on overall optimization

IT infrastructure has two important roles which are supporting business efficiency and providing up-to-date data with consistency for digital transformation. Our approach is to implement an IT infrastructure based on the big picture that supports globally optimized business process, not division specific business process. We utilize systems and services that are widely used throughout the world, without company-specific customization.
This allows us not only to enjoy the latest functionalities, but also maintain the flexibility for future changes including collaboration with other companies related to business innovation.

Development of DX talent

Formulating a human resource development program, holding training for three layers

Talent development is at the core of DX activities. Our goal is to be a company that continues to transform itself on a daily basis, rather than to make one-off major changes with the help of external support. To achieve this, each and every employee, from the management team to the front lines of the workplace, must be able to direct and execute change as needed.
After clarifying the DX promotion process and the DX talent needed to implement it, we considered which human resources should be external and which should be developed internally, and formulated an internal talent development program, defining three layers: talent who plans and drives DX, talent who can participate in projects and play an active role, and employees who have a DX background. As for conducting training for those three layers, the training classes for each layer were quickly fully booked, but we accepted additional applicants by expanding class size beyond what was initially envisioned, which has been positively received by employees.

Status of Data Use

Establishing robust data governance

The use of real-world data (RWD), which began four years ago, has spread throughout the company. Simple analysis is performed by each division using standard tools, while detailed analysis is performed by specialists in statistical analysis using programming, allowing for both speed and quality. RWD is now used on a daily basis by everyone from R&D to Sales & Marketing. To cite one example, in the cost-effectiveness evaluation system introduced in April 2019 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, our chronic heart failure drug Coralan was judged to be very cost-effective after being evaluated using RWD and other methods. Furthermore, we have released the results of our pancreatic cancer database research outside the Company and aim to release information on various other types of research.
It is possible to conduct analysis using OASIS, which was built as an integrated data utilization platform, started operation in August 2022, enabling cross-divisional analysis on a single platform of data owned by each department, commercial RWD, and open data. OASIS has enabled us to manage data centrally and realize a stronger data governance system better than before. OASIS is also a platform that can handle pseudonymized information as defined in the revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information, can do advanced AI analysis while protecting personal information and contributes to the creation of new evidence.

Guidelines for Utilizing Digital Technologies

We have established "Our Value" and "Code of Conduct" as guidelines to realize our Corporate Philosophy.
In utilizing digital technology, we will reinterpret these guidelines in light of the characteristics of digital technologies, and we will proceed with transformations under the consciousness outlined below:

Challenge for Vision Realization
As individuals involved in the pharmaceutical business, we will uphold our pride and utilize digital technologies to harness the power of the ONO Team. We will overcome challenges and accelerate our pursuit of vision realization.

Enhancing the Experiential Value for All People
With a focus on patients, their families, medical professionals, and the ONO Team,
we aim to improve the well-being of all individuals related to our company by enhancing the experiential value.

Continuous Transformation
We will enhance dynamic capabilities by leveraging digital technologies. We will continue to drive organization-wide and everyday transformations while enjoying the process of learning and experimentation.

Open Interaction
We encourage diverse interactions within and outside the company, building an ecosystem for transformative changes that go beyond the boundaries of the organization.