Ono Pharmaceutical Human Rights Global Policy

See here for the Ono Pharmaceutical Human Rights Global Policy.


In keeping with the corporate philosophy of “Dedicated to the Fight against Disease and Pain,” Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and its organisations and affiliates (hereinafter “Ono Group”, “we”, or “our”) is aiming to develop innovative pharmaceutical products that treat diseases for which there is no currently available therapy, that are impactful for patients by improving their quality of life (QOL).
In order to realise our corporate philosophy, we have established the “Ono Group’s Global Human Rights Policy”. This Policy sets out specific guidelines for our initiatives on the promotion of human rights with the Ono Group.

Article2(Scope of Application)

This Policy applies to all individuals working at all levels and grades for the Ono Group, including directors, senior managers, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, trainees, homeworkers, part-time or fixed-term employees, casual and agency staff and expats/secondees.
We recognise our ultimate responsibility in the value chain of our business activities, and seek the understanding of stakeholders directly involved in the Ono Group's business activities, products, and services, and will ask them to take appropriate actions.

Article3(Ono Group initiatives to Respect Human Rights)

The Ono Group is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, and supports its Ten Principles. In addition, The Ono Group respects "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "International Convention on Civil and Political Rights", "International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights", the International Labor Organization (ILO) "Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work", and the United Nations "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", and respects human rights in accordance with these international norms.
The Ono Group prohibits any form of discrimination and harassment in any decision regarding employment, treatment, promotion, etc. on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, colour, religion and belief/philosophy.
The Ono Group does not tolerate the use of child labour, forced labour, human trafficking or slave labour in any country or region, as well as any activity that goes against respect and protection of human rights.

Article4(Ono Group’s Human Rights Due Diligence)

The Ono Group respects the human rights of all people in all aspects of its business activities.
We will conduct our business activities in accordance with international norms, the laws and regulations of each country and region, and corporate policies to prevent human rights violations.
In order to understand and verify risks to human rights related to the business activities of the entire Ono Group, we will periodically identify any negative impacts on human rights related to our business activities.

Article5(Mitigation and the remediation of any adverse human rights impacts)

If such an impact is found through our due diligence process or through other means, we will implement initiatives and procedures to prevent, reduce, or avoid it and take appropriate actions. Through appropriate procedures, the Ono Group seeks to mitigate any negative human rights impact of its business activities.