Information Security Global Policy

See here for the Information Security Global Policy.


Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and its group companies (hereinafter “Ono Group” or the “Group”) shall strictly protect and not divulge the confidential information related to the core value of pharmaceutical companies such as R&D information, external information obtained for business use and personal information of customers/suppliers, whereas the Group shall share/utilize information properly in group. And Ono Group shall be duly responsible for keeping confidentiality of external information obtained for business use and personal information. To achieve the above purpose Ono Group shall implement and maintain the following Information Security Global Policies:

Article2.(Scope of Application)

The policy applies to all employees, etc. of the Group.
All employees, etc.(including contract employees, fixed-term employees, part-time workers, casual workers, employees on probation, and internship), shall be compliance with the policy and the rules related with the policy.

Article3.(System and Organization)

In order to ensure the policies in place, Ono Group establish information security management system, and develop rules/manuals related to information security.

Article4.(Countermeasure for Information Security)

In order to prevent divulgence/alternation/loss/impairments of information assets handled among the Group’s business activities, Ono Group take appropriate actions for information security.


To ensure the confidentiality of information and obligations of appropriate handling, storing, disclosure, etc., Ono Group comply with laws/regulations related to information security in Japan and other related jurisdictions.


In order to raise awareness of information security, Ono Group announce and educate the necessity/importance of information security to employees/other relevant parties who handle information assets by e-learning, on-site training, and the other appropriate methods.

Article7.(Incident Response)

Ono Group make every effort to prevent information security accident. In case that it occurs Ono Group establish contract system in order to stop expansion of damage, log evidence, and recovery effectively and efficiently.
If by any chance an accident occurs, Ono Group make every effort to investigate the cause promptly, minimize the damage and prevent the recurrence

Article8.(Self-checks and Audit)

In order to ensure effectiveness of the policy, Ono Group perform self-checks or audits periodically.
Through those processes above, Ono Group improves information security management system and actions continuously.

Supplementary Provisions

The Policy shall be established on OCT,1,2018 and become effective from the same date.
Departments responsible for the Policy shall review the Policy annually and revise the same, together with related rule, as necessary.
Revision and abolition of the Policy shall be subject to the process of obtaining the approval of executive including the President.