Ono Pharmaceutical Social Media Global Policy

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The Ono Pharmaceutical Social Media Global Policy (the “Policy”) describes the attitudes and ideas that Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“ONO”) holds in using social media. ONO shall use social media appropriately in accordance with the Policy.
The Policy applies to Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ono Pharma USA, Inc., Ono Pharma UK Ltd., Ono Pharma Korea Co., Ltd., and Ono Pharma Taiwan Co., Ltd., Ono Venture Investment, Inc., Ono Pharma Healthcare Co., Ltd., Ono Digital health Investment, GK., Ono Pharma UD Co., Ltd., michiteku Co., Ltd., OPhrs Co., Ltd. (collectively, the “ONO Group”). The use of social media at ONO Group will be implemented after the needs are fully assessed by an internal Social Media Review Committee.



  1. Social media platforms included in the Policy

    Social media in the Policy refers to Internet-based social services—including X, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LINE, LinkedIn, blog services—in which an unspecified number of people, including companies, government agencies, and individuals, can freely participate and communicate information mutually.

    The following is a list of the official social media URLs operated by the ONO Group (the “Official Social Media”).

  2. Understanding of and Attitudes towards Social Media Use

    ONO uses social media with the understanding that the information disseminated may be viewed by a large number of unspecified people; that information, once disseminated, cannot be completely deleted; and that information disseminated has impact on society. In addition, ONO has internal operation guidelines in place and provides employee education to ensure that employees use the Official Social Media platforms, with understanding of these principles.

  3. Principles of Official Social Media Communications

    • ONO takes great care to prevent inappropriate use of its products.
    • ONO communicates based on accurate information.
    • ONO complies with laws and regulations.
    • ONO complies with internal regulations and guidelines.
    • ONO respects human rights.
    • ONO takes great care to avoid communications that may be offensive to public order and morals.
    • ONO takes great care to avoid hurting others.
    • ONO communicates under its Personal Information Protection Policy.
    • If any event occurs that does not conform to any of these principles, ONO shall promptly correct the event and work to prevent its recurrence.
  4. Matters Social Media Users Need to Know (Disclaimers)

    ONO works to ensure that the Official Social Media platforms are used in accordance with Section 3. Principles of Official Social Media Communications. However, events may occur that are beyond the control of ONO, due to the nature of social media, in which many people are free to participate in. Therefore, please be aware of the following:

    • Information disseminated via the Official Social Media platform is information that has been deemed appropriate at the time of dissemination. Its accuracy and integrity cannot always be guaranteed.
    • ONO is not responsible for any problems, disputes, or damage that may occur between social media users or between social media users and third parties regarding the Official Social Media platform.
    • ONO is not responsible for any damage or costs incurred due to changes in or deletion of information disseminated via the Official Social Media platform, or misunderstanding of social media users who have received such information.
    • ONO may not be able to respond to replies or comments posted on social media for various reasons. Please understand in advance.
    • ONO is not responsible for any interpretations or modifications made to information disseminated from social media other than the Official Social Media platforms.
  5. Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

    Copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights related to text, images, videos, etc. posted on the Official Social Media platforms belong to their respective licensors.
    In addition, ONO may use replies or comments received from social media users in response to the Official Social Media platforms, assuming that the social media users have agreed to allow ONO to use (including reproduce, modify, translate) them free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis across the world, and that they have agreed not to exercise their copyrights, moral rights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights. ONO shall use such rights appropriately in accordance with the Policy.

  6. Updating of the Policy

    The contents of the Policy may be changed without the consent of social media users in the event of changes in the internal or external environment, revision of regulations, or when updating is determined conducive to proper use of social media.

  7. Contact

    If you have any questions or concerns about the Policy or Official Social Media platforms, please e-mail us at [email protected].