EHS Global Policy

See here for the EHS Global Policy.

  1. Purpose

    Corporate sustainability requires business activities that address EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety). EHS activities, including compliance with laws and regulations related to EHS, are required not only within the company but also in the supply chain. Therefore, the EHS Policy for the ONO Group is established.

  2. Definition

    1. EHS refers to Environment, Health, and Safety.
    2. The EHS management system is a mechanism to maintain and improve environmental and occupational health and safety on a voluntary and continuous basis through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.
    3. Life cycle refers to all processes from research, development, procurement, production, distribution, sales, use, and disposal.
  3. Scope

    This global policy applies to Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its overseas subsidiaries.

  4. EHS global policy

    1. We comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, international agreements and standards.
    2. We have established an EHS management system and continuously promote EHS activities.
    3. We strive to promote environmentally friendly business activities that take the environment into consideration, including the supply chain, throughout the life cycle of our products.
    4. We promote occupational risk reduction measures to enhance a safe working environment.
    5. We positively disclose EHS information and will broaden communication with society.
    6. We strive to enhance knowledge and awareness of EHS through our education and enlightenment activities.