Notice on Recipients of the “Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad” of the FY2023 Japanese Biochemical Society

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President & CEO: Gyo Sagara; “ONO”) has been supporting the "Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad" of the Japanese Biochemical Society, a boarded incorporated association since the FY2017. It was established to commemorate the achievements of the late Osamu Hayaishi (died on December 17, 2015) in Japan and overseas who made a great contribution to the Japanese Biochemical Society.

 ONO announces that 62 persons applied for the FY2023 "Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad" and that the following 8 persons were selected by the Study Abroad Grant Examination Committee of the Japanese Biochemical Society:

 Recipients for FY2023 (Titles omitted)

Recipients Affiliated institutions Research themes
Saori Sakaue Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School Integration of genetics and multimodal functional genomics to define causal
Airi Tarutani University Medical Center Göttingen, Institute of Neuropathology In situ visualization of α-synuclein pathogenesis in oligodendrocytes by cryo-electron tomographycryo-electron tomography
Ryo Miyamoto Duke University Dissecting mechanisms of SMARCB1-deleted tumors using mouse genetics
Tadashi Takeuchi RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences In vivo analysis of microbe-derived metabolites using gene edited bacteria
Wataru Hirose Hepato-Biliary Pancreatic Surgery, Tohoku University School of medicine Carcinogenic mechanism of NRF2-activated esophageal cells
Mao Kuriki Institut Pasteur How the muscle stem cells contribute to the sparing of extraocular muscles in myopathies
Haruko Shima Pediatrics, Keio University Hospital Enhancement of CAR-T cells targeting osteosarcoma based on understanding of chemokines and metabolic environments
Kei Fukuda The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Integrative Genomics, Gallego Romero Lab Underlying mechanisms of human population specific immune response
  • Names and affiliated institutions are displayed at the time of application (July 26, 2022)
  • Grant amount is JPY5 million per case