ONO Sets New Targets of Medium- to Long-Term Environment Vision
- Toward Realization of Medium- to Long-Term Environment Vision, ECO VISION 2050 -

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President and CEO: Gyo Sagara; “ONO”) today announced that it has reviewed the targets of the medium- to long-term environment vision “Environment Challenging Ono Vision for 2050 (ECO VISION 2050)” formulated in 2019 and set new targets, in order to address the various environmental issues facing the world more seriously than ever before and continue to take on the challenge for realization of a sustainable society.

 In 2019, ONO formulated specific medium- to long-term targets for greenhouse gas, water, and resource recycling in order to achieve the targets of “ECO VISION 2050” with three priority issues of “Realization of a decarbonized society,” “Realization of a water recycling society,” and “Realization of a resource recycling society.”

 In order to accelerate these efforts, we reviewed our targets and established the following new medium- to long-term environmental targets.

Realization of a decarbonized society

 We have accelerated the target year to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions for our company (Scope 1+2) from FY2050 to FY2035. We also set a new target to achieve carbon neutrality* for the company by FY2025.

  • Carbon neutrality means virtually zero due to offsetting by carbon offsets.

Realization of a water recycling society

  • Reduce the increase rate in water usage in FY2030 to below sales growth rate, compared to FY2017 (This applies to our own offices).
  • Make efforts to strengthen water pollution risk management and risk management of our business partners.

Realization of a resource recycling society

  • Increase the recycling rate of all unneeded materials to more than 80% by FY2030 (This applies to our own manufacturing plants, research institutes, and logistics centers).
  • By FY2030, 100% of the paper used for individual packaging boxes for our marketed products will be made from eco-friendly materials.

 For more information on the new medium- to long-term environment targets, please visit our Sustainability website .

 ONO continues to contribute to society by discovering and developing innovative pharmaceutical products, and promote environmentally conscious activities in all areas of our business activities.