Implementation of Generative AI Across the Ono Pharmaceutical Group

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President and CEO: Gyo Sagara; hereinafter referred to as "Ono") announced that it has established an environment where generative AI can be employed by group employees both domestically and abroad, marking the start of its comprehensive utilization.

 Through the use of "Azure OpenAI Service," a cloud service provided by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Ono has ensured stringent information security measures that align with the company's requirements. This includes keeping interactions with the conversational AI implemented in this environment strictly within the company's internal network.

 Within this environment, we have installed a conversational AI system equivalent to OpenAI's ChatGPT, which will be broadly used for a range of tasks. These tasks include document creation and summarization, brainstorming ideas, handling internal inquiries, and more.

 Concurrently, we are considering advanced utilization of this generative AI in our group's operations such as research, development, and sales by integrating it with internal data and existing systems.

 Our early, group-wide implementation of generative AI is also aimed at enhancing the digital dexterity and application skills of all employees, particularly through the promotion of proficiency and advanced use in providing prompts to the conversational AI.

 Through these multifaceted initiatives, Ono is committed to furthering the group's growth strategy in the digital domain.