ONO Receives Excellence Award at the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2023

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan; President and CEO: Gyo Sagara; “Ono”) announced that it has received an Excellence Award for the integrated report “Corporate Report 2023” published by Ono at the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2023 held by Nikkei Inc.

 Among 475 companies and organizations who took part in the Nikkei Report Award 2023, 3 companies were selected for the Grand Prize, 6 for the Semi-Grand Prize, and 42 for Excellence (including our company), after evaluation by a panel comprising fund managers and analysts from financial institutions, academic experts, and others.
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The following points were mainly evaluated for our winning the Excellence Award (extracted from the comments of reviewers):

  • It is highly commendable that the material issues are clearly shown using the table. It is easy to see and understand when compared with other companies in the same industry. It is most courteous to provide specific indicators for development products even within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Important management target indicators are appropriately extracted, and detailed KPIs are also presented along with the reasons for selection.
  • We had the impression that the company recognizes the importance of human capital and implements the comprehensive measures. We also felt that the company refers to the middle steps and is aware of the issues.

<Ono’s Corporate Report 2023>
 The Corporate Report 2023 comprehensively shows our company's medium- to long-term targets, strategy, initiatives, and results, by focusing on the 18 material issues that our company has identified as "priority management issues" incorporated into the medium- to long-term growth strategy. For this report, please see the link below.
 Japanese version: 
 English version: 

 Ono has been continuously committed to further enhancing information disclosure, including integrated report, so that stakeholders can easily understand the latest situation on our corporate stance, management policies and strategies.

About the Nikkei Integrated Report Award

 The Nikkei Annual Report Award has been held by Nikkei Inc. every year since 1998 with the aim of further enhancing and promoting annual reports published by Japanese companies. From 2021, the award name was changed from the “Nikkei Annual Report Award” to the “Nikkei Integrated Report Award”, and the review system was multi-layered and expanded, and the award system was reorganized and enlarged.