Notice regarding Unauthorized Access to Linical-owned Server

 Linical, Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan; Representative: President & CEO, Kazuhiro Hatano, hereinafter Linical) to whom Ono has outsourced clinical study-related activities, reported Ono that Linical-owned server was illegally accessed by a third party. The Linical-owned server contained information on persons involved in clinical studies we entrusted, and it was also reported by Linical that personal information may have been leaked due to unauthorized access.
 At this moment, we received a report from Linical that no information concerning clinical studies we have outsourced has been leaked.
 Furthermore, the system for collecting and storing subject data involved in our clinical studies exists separately in a different environment on a cloud server of another company, and we received a report from Linical that there is no influence of this unauthorized access.

 We have strongly been requesting Linical to promptly identify the scope of personal information that has been leaked and to confirm whether the leaked information has been illegally used. In cooperation with Linical, we strengthen to control and manage information in clinical studies.

 As a sponsor, we sincerely apologize for causing concerns to people involved in our clinical studies.

< Linical’s contact information for inquiries about personal information that might have leaked>

Customer Relations Office: 080-6853-8783
Reception hours: 10:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (except national holidays and New Year holidays)