Notifications regarding "Change of Domain" in our Website and Blocking to Receive Emails Containing "a Zip File with Password"

 Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Ono”) notifies that our website domain will change due to the integration of our global systems from September 25, 2022 as part of our group-wide IT system integration. Ono also notifies that, in order to further strengthen our cybersecurity, we will update our email system not to receive emails attached with “a zip file requiring password input” to our company from September 19, 2022.

  1. Change of domain in our website

    Change date: September 25, 2022

      Before change After change
    Japanese site
    English site
  2. Blocking to receive emails containing “a zip file with password”

    Implementation date: September 19, 2022

    As part of an enhancement of information security, our email security will be updated from September 19, 2022, so that when an email attached with a zip file protected with password is sent to Ono group companies, the email (both the body text and attached file) will not be delivered to Ono. Instead, an error email will be sent to the sender as a notification of transmission failure.
    Please ask your counterpart at our company how to transfer the data with alternative solutions.

    It is difficult to detect zip-encrypted malware (computer virus) with virus scanning tools, and this security problem has come to be abused as an infection tactic by malware such as EMOTET. Considering this situation and impact on our information security, we have decided not to receive any emails attached with a zip file protected by password as a security measure.

 We would very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation on our company's information security reinforcement.