Animal Ethics

Ono's Ethical Considerations in Animal Experiments

 Ono wishes to make a social contribution by developing drugs that support the healthy lives of people. However, in the process of new drug discovery, experiments on laboratory animals are imperative. From the viewpoint of animal welfare, we believe that the lives of laboratory animals must be respected and their distress minimized, and that scientifically rational experiments should be conducted with a minimum number of animals.
 To this end, Ono follows in-house regulations in compliance with Japan's Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and related guidelines. Before conducting animal experiments, we evaluate the target molecules and compounds using in silico and in vitro evaluation models to narrow down compounds to be evaluated in animal experiments. In this way, we are implementing the 3Rs※1 principle of animal experimentation. All animal experimental protocols must be reviewed, whether or not they follow the 3Rs principle of animal experimentation by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and only the protocols that have been approved can be carried out. Moreover, researchers who conduct animal experiments are required to undergo specialized training every year to learn about Japanese laws and guidelines related to animal experiments, in-house regulations, and the handling of laboratory animals.
 To confirm that our animal experiment facilities are in compliance with Japanese laws, guidelines, and in-house regulations, we conduct regular self-inspections and continue to earn accreditation from the Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use※2. In addition, we hold an animal memorial service every year to express our gratitude to the animals and to wish them peace of mind.

  • 3Rs
    Replacement: methods that utilize alternative methods for non-animal experiments
    Reduction: methods that minimize the number of animals used
    Refinement: methods that avoid unnecessary distress to animals
  • The Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use is an organization within the Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center that conducts third–party inspections and evaluations of animal experimentation and other work at animal testing research institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use determines whether such facilities are conducting appropriate experiments based on a scientific perspective, while promoting voluntary ethics management of animal testing programs and consideration of animal welfare.